How to add our Audiobook sample player your website

Copy the code below and add to the “text” or “source” code of the page on your website you would like it on.

<iframe style=”border: 0;” src=”” width=”297″ height=”25″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”></iframe>

Then replace the highlighted yellow portion with the link for the audio sample, as detailed below.

Navigate to the page on our site for the audiobook you are working on, go to the audiobook sample player and right-click at the very right of the player(the part that looks like 4 black and blue slashes),  and a menu will pop up, click on “copy link location”.
Open Drive Player - St. Clare Audio



Paste the copied link into the above code that you pasted into your site-code, in the section that is highlighted yellow above. Make sure you place the link between the quotation marks.