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Tom Swift and His Wireless Message Audiobook CD Set



Tom Swift and His Wireless Message Audiobook CD Set

Listen to a sample chapter of Tom Swift and His Wireless Message Audiobook!


Tom Swift and His Wireless Message, or, The Castaways of Earthquake Island, is Volume 6 in the original Tom Swift novel series. The book starts out with Tom receiving a telegram from a wealthy inventor, Mr. Hosmer Fenwick, asking Tom to come to Philadelphia help the man perfect his electric airplane. After discussing the matter over with his father, Tom agrees to help the inventor and he flies to Philadelphia right away. Mr. Fenwick’s airplane, the Whizzer, was need of extensive changes. At first Tom despaired of ever getting the overweight and underpowered craft to fly, but after a lot of hard work the plane was overhauled and made air-worthy. Tom tells Mr. Fenwick, that he’d like to try the plane out on a trial trip. Once packed Tom, Mr. Fenwick, and Mr. Damon (Fenwick’s Friend), take off in flight. During the journey to the Jersey Coast, hurricane force winds sweep the trio out to sea, and they are forced to land on an uninhabited island where they find others marooned there, as well. How will they all get home alive? Our inventor hero, Tom, is sure to save the day!


by  Victor Appleton

4 Audio CD’s – 4 Hours and 8 Minutes.

Tom Swift and His Wireless Message Audiobook is read by Multiple Readers.


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