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Tom Swift and His Sky Racer Audiobook CD Set



Tom Swift and His Sky Racer Audiobook CD Set

Listen to a sample chapter of Tom Swift and His Sky Racer Audiobook!


Tom Swift and His Sky Racer, or, The Speediest Flight on Record, is Volume 9 in the original Tom Swift novel series. A $10,000 prize lures Tom into competing at a local aviation meet at Eagle Park. Tom is determined to build the fastest plane around, but his plans mysteriously disappear, which means Tom must redesign his new airplane from the beginning. Tom’s Sky Racer, the Humming-Bird, is a two-seater monoplane, like his previous monoplane the Butterfly. However, the Sky Racer, is smaller and faster — making it ideal for air racing. It uses a single gasoline, air-cooled engine, which can attain air speeds of well over 100 mph with a minimum thrust of 1000 lbs at 2000rpm. Tom also invented an automated stabilizing unit which allowed the Sky Racer to handle adverse weather conditions without loss of control. The theft of Tom’s plans for his plane, an assault on Tom, a fire, and overwork all combine to cause Tom’s father to have what is presumed to be a heart attack. Now, winning the prize money takes a back seat to Tom’s Humming-Bird being used to summon medical help for his father, who is imminent danger of dying without the ministrations of a famous, but distant surgeon.


by  Victor Appleton

4 Audio CD’s – 4 Hours and 28 Minutes.

Tom Swift and His Sky Racer Audiobook is read by Richard Kilmer.


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