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Tom Swift in Captivity Audiobook CD Set



Tom Swift in Captivity Audiobook CD Set

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Tom Swift in Captivity, or, A Daring Escape by Airship, is Volume 13 in the original Tom Swift novel series. Tom Swift is approached by Mr. Preston, the owner of a circus, and begins to tell the story of Jake Poddington, Mr. Preston’s most skilled hunter. As it turns out, Jake went missing just after sending word to Preston that Jake was on the trail of a tribe of giants, somewhere in South Africa. That was the last Preston has heard of Jake Poddington. Preston would like Tom to use one of his airships to search for Poddington, and if possible, bring back a giant for the circus. As a side note, some elements and characters included in the Tom Swift books portray some ethnic groups in a very dated manner that modern readers, and listeners, may find offensive.


by  Victor Appleton

4 Audio CD’s – 4 Hours and 11 Minutes.

Tom Swift in Captivity Audiobook is read by Tom Weiss.


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