The Prince and the Pauper Audiobook CD Set



The Prince and the Pauper Audiobook CD Set

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Mark Twain’s popular historical novel about two boys born in England on the same day, of identical appearance, who meet by chance and decide to exchange places to see what life is like on the “other side of the fence”. The prince is Prince Edward VI, Prince of Wales. He is tired of court life, and longs to play and live life like other boys. The pauper, is Tom Canty, desperately poor, forced to beg by his abusive father and grandmother, he longs for a better life. Each boy has strong misconceptions about what the other’s life is like. A series of entertaining adventures ensue as they receive an education of the realities of life in each other’s very different places in society. Things become tense when Edward tries to return and claim his rightful place at the Palace and no one will believe him, will the boys be able to convince everyone of who they really are? A great book, an interesting view of two opposite lives contrasted so closely, nad what happens when places in life are exchanged for a time!


by Mark Twain

6 Audio CD’s – 6 Hours and 53 Minutes.

The Prince and the Pauper Audio Book is read by John Greenman.


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