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Rover Boys at School Audiobook CD Set, The


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The Rover Boys at School Audiobook CD Set

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First in the series of the famous Rover Boys books, by future Hardy Boys creator Edward Stratemeyer (under the pseudonym Arthur M. Winfield), this is an introduction to the fun-loving teenage Rover Brothers — Dick, Tom, and Sam. Virtual orphans, the boys are sent by their Uncle Randolph to a military boarding school, where they make many friends, and some enemies, among the students and teachers, and their adventures soon begin! There’s always something going on with the Rover Boys, lots of youthful hijinx and scary adventures. There are also many moral lessons in these books, so as to instruct boys as to how to grow up to be proper men. The series includes many instances of  foreshadowing stories in the future books, as well as a summary of the story which pitches the next one in the series. An adventurous series from a bygone era, with some dated content and ways of behavior or wording things, but still an enjoyable read!


by  Arthur M. Winfield

5 Audio CD’s – 5 Hours and 21 Minutes.

Rover Boys at School Audiobook is read by Bellona Times.


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