Heidi Audiobook CD Set



Heidi Audiobook CD Set

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A warm and loving story, full of touching moments, Heidi, transports the listener from the fine air and freedom of the mountaintop, to the confines of the bustling city of Frankfurt, then back to the peaks again, bounding in flowered fields with goats at your heels and sky utterly surrounding you. We meet Heidi when she is 5, led up the mountain by her aunt who has raised the orphan, but must leave now for a position in Frankfurt. In a mountain cottage overlooking the valley Heidi meets, and is now to live with, her grandfather, thought to be a hard and eccentric man by the nearby villagers. It is Heidi and her sweet and free nature that touches and softens the heart of the old man, bringing about a deep and touching bond between the two. When Heidi is taken from the mountains and nearly doesn’t make it back again, the most humorous as well as most heart-wringing scenes occur. All she learns during her absence from the mountain she brings back as seeds that will grow to benefit everyone around her. The  story of Heidi is filled with the child’s wonder, devotion, and sometimes humorous good intentions, the endearing traits that have lead the book to become a favorite among classic children’s literature.


by Johanna Spyri

10 Audio CD’s – 9 Hours and 34 Minutes.

Heidi Audiobook is read by Kara Shallenberg.


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