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Old Granny Fox Children’s Audiobook CD Set



Old Granny Fox Children’s Audiobook CD Set

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Old Granny Fox another great tale in the awesome series of children’s story-books about wildlife by master story-teller, Thornton W. Burgess.
Old Granny Fox and grandson Reddy Fox must use all their cunning and foxy-wiles to hunt up enough food to survive the long winter. The deep carpet of snow covering the Green Meadow has made food harder to find. Reddy, in his typically young and foolish fashion comes up with ideas like robbing Farmer Brown’s hen-house in broad daylight.  Granny, with her life time of experience and wisdom, overrules many of Reddy’s foolhardy suggestions. She points out the fact that Farmer Brown’s hens are locked up tight and protected by Bowser the Hound, and instead takes a conceited Reddy hunting and teaches him some surprising new tricks to lure in their dinner. Old Granny and Reddy Fox encounter danger and adventure in their quests to keep their bellies full, including a close encounter with Farmer Brown’s boy, a clever plot to steal Bowser’s food, and an unforeseen thief who might outsmart this sneaky pair. Throughout the book she teaches Reddy quite a bit about patience, common sense, and resourcefulness.


by Thornton W. Burgess

2 Audio CD’s – 2 Hours and 33 Minutes.

Old Granny Fox Audiobook is read by Multiple Readers.


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