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Mrs. Peter Rabbit Children’s Audiobook CD Set



Mrs. Peter Rabbit Children’s Audiobook CD Set

Listen to a sample chapter Mrs. Peter Rabbit Children’s Audiobook!


Mrs. Peter Rabbit is another book by Thornton W. Burgess, in which we meet the lucky little bunny who will become Mrs. Peter Rabbit. Something is wrong with Peter Rabbit, he has no appetite, he is lonely, he just doesn’t know what’s wrong! Peter decides to visit some friends in the Old Pasture but instead finds himself narrowly escaping the clutches of Hooty Owl, experiencing a nasty encounter with Jed Thumper (a big gray rabbit), and eventually staring right into the soft, gentle eyes of Miss Fuzzytail. Soon, Peter has a bride! Children will love listening to the adventures of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Rabbit as they start a new, and often precarious, life together in the Dear Old Briar-Patch.  As always, Burgess tells the tale in an engaging manner that brings to life the characteristics of our animal friends!


by Thornton W. Burgess

2 Audio CD’s – 2 Hours and 3 Minutes.

Mrs. Peter Rabbit Audiobook is read by CLW Rollins.


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