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The Six Shooter Old Time Radio Show MP3 CD Set – Complete Series – 40 Episodes



The Six Shooter Old Time Radio Show MP3 CD Set

Listen to an episode of The Six Shooter!


PLEASE NOTE: This CD Set is an MP3 CD, and will only play in MP3 CD compatible CD Players!

The Six Shooter brought James Stewart to the NBC microphone on September 20, 1953, in a memorable series of folksy Western adventures. Stewart was never better on the air than in this drama, starring as Britt Ponset, a frontier drifter, created by Frank Burt. The introduction to each show set it up nicely: “The man in the saddle is angular and long-legged: his skin is sun dyed brown. The gun in his holster is gray steel and rainbow mother-of-pearl. People call them both The Six Shooter.” Ponset was a wanderer, an easy-going gentleman and — when he had to be — a gunfighter. Episodes ranged from straight western drama to whimsical comedy. A trademark of the show was Stewart’s use of whispered narration during tense scenes that created a heightened sense of drama and relief when the situation was resolved. James Stewart played the role to perfection, we can’t picture anyone else playing “The Six Shooter”!


Starring James Stewart

1 MP3 CD  –  19 hrs. 15 min.

Complete Series – 40 Episodes