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I Was a Communist for the FBI Old Time Radio Show MP3 CD Set – 73 Episodes


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I Was a Communist for the FBI Old Time Radio Show MP3 CD Set

Listen to the show “I Walk Alone”


PLEASE NOTE: This CD Set is an MP3 CD, and will only play in MP3 CD compatible CD Players!

Based on the book by real-life undercover agent, Matt Cvetic, I Was a Communist for the FBI was a dramatization of  his time spent posing as a member of the Communist Party of the United States of America (CPUSA), to gain information for the FBI. The old time radio show, starring Dana Andrews, came at a time when anti-Communist sentiments were at their peak, and aired on 600 stations nationwide. The suspense is intense as we follow the story of Cvetic’s incredibly stressful task as a spy!  Many of the stories contain double-edged conflicts: Cvetic constantly jockeying for information, walking a tightrope among suspicious Party officials, while unable to reveal his true mission even to his family, who shunned him. Sadly, in real life, Cvetic lost everything he loved–his wife, children, parents, friends–except for his country, and, thankfully, his love for that country is what kept him going. The stories in these shows give a chilling insight into the schemes of the Communists to infiltrate society and subtly change the Christian values that once were the framework of decent society, but, they also make us incredibly respect the hard job done by those who faithfully serve our country to try and protect us from such efforts!


2 MP3 CD’s – 73 Episodes


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