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Fire Fighters Old Time Radio Show CD Set




Fire Fighters Old Time Radio Show CD Set

Listen to the first episode of Fire Fighters!


Fire Fighters, the true to life story of our unsung heroes who stand ready to ride, day or night, against our most murderous enemy, the Demon of FIRE!


Follow the life and death stories of rookie Fire Fighter, Tim Collins, as he learns how to become a great Fireman like his late father.


Fire Fighters is an old time radio series for children. We get to hear our fire fighters in action every week in various fire fighting situations. In addition to being very entertaining, it is also very informative as it covers a variety of topics in the real life scenarios of fire fighters, with shows on different types of fires, what causes a fire, and more. The series is geared towards a child’s attention span, but adults will find it interesting as well.


4 Audio CDs

Each volume has 20 episodes.

Each episode is 15 min.