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The American Trail Old Time Radio Show CD Set



The American Trail Old Time Radio Show CD Set

Listen to the first episode of The American Trail Old Time Radio Show!


“The American Trail” is a 1953, historically correct serial-drama, which accurately chronicles American History – including the Lewis & Clarke Expedition & the exploration and settlement of the American West. The show featured the stories of brave men and women who fought and worked hard for their great nation, which became forever known as the “Land of Opportunity.” With The VFW Ladies Auxiliary as its main sponsor, American Trail aired for 15 minutes each episode. The show was particularly dedicated to middle schoolers, although everyone who listened to it enjoyed the show. Some of the “actors” featured were Bing Crosby, General James Doolittle, US President Dwight Eisenhower, and many others. Episode titles include: Louisiana Purchase, Louis And Clark Expedition, Magic Wire, On To Monterey, California Gold Rush, Blue Yonder, and more!

13 episodes – 3 Audio CDs  –  3 hrs. 9 min.