The Story of Doctor Dolittle Audiobook CD Set



The Story of Doctor Dolittle Audiobook CD Set

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John Dolittle, M. D., was once a famous doctor. But, then he learned to talk Animal-Language, from his pet parrot, Polynesia, acquired several interesting pets, and gradually began to lose his patients. Finally the only patient who remains, the Cat’s-Meat-Man, makes a suggestion – why doesn’t he give up treating people and become an animal doctor? And so, Dr. Dolittle becomes an animal doctor, and life seems to be going well for a time. Unfortunately, when the good doctor adds and escaped crocodile to his store of pets, even the animals stop coming to see him. What to do?!? Children of all ages – and adults too – will enjoy the story of the Doctor and his animals as he travels to Africa and back, braves shipwrecks and pirates, escapes from prison, and tries to reunite a little boy with his kidnapped uncle, all with the help of his charming animal friends. Please note: this book was written at a different time and includes attitudes which are now considered racially derogatory. Modern editions (still under copyright) are available with some of this changed – this recording is of the original public domain text, as it was first published in 1920.


by Hugh Lofting

2 Audio CD’s – 2 Hours and 23 Minutes.

The Story of Doctor Dolittle Audiobook is read by Karen Savage.


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