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Rainbow Valley Audiobook CD Set


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Rainbow Valley Audiobook CD Set

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The seventh book in the Anne of Green Gables series, Rainbow Valley turns the focus to Anne and Gilbert’s children. Jem, sturdy and reliable, not a great talker but a good all-round student, he loves to investigate things, constantly experimenting and observing. Walter, has all his mother’s vivid imagination and love for beauty, he is thought of by the Glen St. Mary boys as girly because he never fights and rarely plays sports, preferring to read books alone, but his tender nature is endearing. Nan and Di, are the Ingleside twins. Nan has many friends, and is very lady-like, imitating her mother’s tricks, graces and poses. She also inherited her mother’s vivid imagination. Di, looks like her mother and favors her father in qualities and personality, having his practical bent and common sense, as well as his twinkling sense of humor. Shirley, is quiet and doesn’t like to be forced to talk, liking to play on his own. He is known as the little brown boy, because he has brown eyes, hair and skin. Rilla, the youngest, is very proud, hates to be teased or to be classed with lower people. She has silly beliefs and ideas, and a n overriding fear of being unladylike. The other main characters of the book are the four young Merediths, the somewhat neglected children of the new Presbyterian minister in town, as well as Mary Vance, an orphaned girl whom the children save from starvation and find a home for with Mrs. Marshall Elliott.


Rainbow Valley is sure to delight readers who love the works of L.M. Montgomery, as they come to know the  varied personalities and antics of the Blythe children and their friends!


Rainbow Valley is by Lucy Maud Montgomery

7 Audio CD’s – 7 Hours and 22 Minutes.

Rainbow Valley Audiobook is read by Karen Savage.


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