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Further Chronicles of Avonlea Audiobook CD Set


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Further Chronicles of Avonlea Audiobook CD Set

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A collection of short stories by L.M. Montgomery famed author of the Anne of Green Gables Series. Further Chronicles of Avonlea is the enjoyable sequel to Chronicles of Avonlea lightly featuring some of our favorite characters including Anne, Rachel Lynde, and Matthew Cuthbert , but mostly vignettes of other inhabitants of Avonlea, and the surrounding area. The book includes fifteen short and entertaining, funny and romantic stories, including: “Aunt Cynthia’s Persian Cat”, “The Materializing of Cecil”, “The Dream-Child”, “The Little Brown Book of Miss Emily”, “The Conscience Case of David Bell”, and many more. The tales will delight the reader and make a perfect addition to the Avonlea section of their bookshelf!


by Lucy Maud Montgomery

6 Audio CD’s – 6 Hours and 37 Minutes.

Further Chronicles of Avonlea Audiobook is read by Sibella Denton.


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