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Birds of the Air Audiobook CD Set



Birds of the Air Audiobook CD Set

Listen to a sample chapter of Birds of the Air Audiobook!


Birds of the Air is another wonderful volume in the science series by Arabella Buckley, a science educator who had a great love of nature and wished to impart that love to children. The book begins with familiar birds of home and garden, and goes on to water birds and birds of prey. Children learn how to identify birds, why birds sing songs, how they build nests, lay their eggs, and raise their young, where birds sleep, and how they feed in summer, migrate in autumn, and survive the winter. An engaging and enjoyable volume that will encourage the youthful listener to a love for science and an awe of God’s creative ways with our fine-feathered friends!


by Arabella B. Buckley

2 Audio CD’s  – 1 hour and 22 Minutes.

Birds of the Air is read by Laura Caldwell.


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