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A Little Princess Audiobook CD Set



A Little Princess Audiobook CD Set

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In, A Little Princess, Seven-year-old Sara Crewe comes to London to attend Miss Minchin’s Select Seminary for Young Ladies, where she must live apart from her adored father. Sara is a bright and imaginative child who is both loved (for her friendliness) and hated (for her father’s wealth) at Miss Minchin’s. After several years as Miss Minchin’s show pupil, news comes that Captain Crewe has died penniless, and left Sara destitute. Miss Minchin, no longer having the prospect of benefiting from the Captain’s wealth quickly changes her tune, and shows her true colors. Minchin keeps poor Sara, desperately grieving the loss of her beloved father, on as an unpaid drudge. The girl is starved, worked for long hours, sent out in all kinds of weather, poorly dressed in outgrown and worn-out clothes, and deprived of warmth or a decent bed, in the attic. True to her nature, she continues to be kind and polite to everyone, including those who treat her badly. In the end, a mysterious benefactor comes to her aid, and the story comes to a happy ending with a joyous discovery for Sara.


by Frances Hodgson Burnett

5 Audio CD’s – 5 Hours and 39 Minutes.

A Little Princess Audiobook is read by Karen Savage.


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