Yankee at Molokai Catholic Audiobook CD Set


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Yankee at Molokai Catholic Audiobook CD Set

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As a daring soldier in the Union Army, Ira Dutton earned the respect and affection of the men around him. Handsome and affable, he easily had a full social life when the war was over. However, it wasn’t long before he heard the call of God and knew he had to change his ways. Through the influence of good Catholic friends, he  sought out religion in the Catholic Faith. Changing his name to Joseph at his Baptism (one of his favorite saints) and starting a new life,  he went to spend time at a monastery to seek God’s will for him. Joseph determined while there that the contemplative life was not his calling, he felt he needed to do active penance, that his “wild years” demanded atonement. Hearing of the ministry at Molokai, he discerned that was where he was called to go, to aid and assist the ailing Father Damien. Making a free gift of himself, his strength, and his capacity for love. Deeply patriotic, he cultivated in his charges devotion to America, the ever faithful Yankee at Molokai. Dutton became known affectionately at Molokai as Brother Joseph, as he was truly a beloved “brother” to all; his love, sense or humor, and tender care for others left a lasting legacy. A vivid and exciting story.


by  Eva K. Betz


3 Audio CD’s – 2 Hours and 38 Minutes.


Yankee at Molokai Audiobook is read by Maria Therese


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