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Knight of Molokai Catholic Children’s Audiobook CD Set


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Knight of Molokai Catholic Children’s Audiobook CD Set

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Hurricane! Volcano eruptions and fire! Leprosy! Nothing deterred Father Damien from doing the work to which he had been called. Outstandingly big and strong as a boy, he was notably kind and determined to help others as a young man. He needed all his strength and kindness when he went to live at the leper colony of Molokai. This children’s biography of Father Damien of Molokai was written by Eva K. Betz, a prolific Catholic writer of history and biography books for children.


by  Eva K. Betz


3 Audio CD’s – 3 Hours and 26 Minutes


Knight of Molokai  Audiobook is read by Maria Therese.


Knight of Molokai Audiobook cover art used with the permission of Pinxit O.D.M., Editions Magnificat, Mont-Tremblant, Quebec


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