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His First and Last Appearance Catholic Audiobook CD Set



His First and Last Appearance Catholic Audiobook CD Set

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A delightful book by the skillful writer, Fr. Francis J. Finn, known for his stories that engage both young and old alike. His First and Last Appearance is the story of the Lachance children, newly orphaned, lovingly trying to carry out the wishes of their mother on her deathbed. There is: the faithful oldest sister Isobel, who would like to become a nun, but accepts the calling to care for her siblings; happily helpful and dear Marie; Phillip, young, sweet, happy-go-lucky, possessing the voice of an angel; and the youngest,  Charlie, who lends to his family the joy and sense of humor little ones bring. The author has combined pathetic incidents with religious consolations, woven in moments of suspense, and gives zest to the whole by diffusing his genial humor throughout.


By Fr. Francis J. Finn


4 Audio CDs – 4 hours and 32 minutes.


His First and Last Appearance Audiobook is read by Maria Therese.


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