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Outlaws of Ravenhurst Catholic Audiobook CD Set



Outlaws of Ravenhurst Catholic Audiobook CD Set

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A highly adventurous historical novel telling the tale of a time of great tumult for Scottish Catholics. The setting is 17th century Scotland and the characters are strong and loyal Catholics, now forced to live as outlaws, remaining true to their Faith, even if it means drawing their swords and fighting (and likely dying) for that Faith. Outlaws of Ravenhurst depicts the last stand of the Gordons – God’s “outlaws” – fighting for their Catholic Faith in the early days of the Protestant Revolution in Scotland, their beloved homeland. Ravenhurst has for generations been the stronghold of Clan Gordon, great Scottish Chiefs, who fearlessly fight for God and Our Lady. As any great adventure story of the Faith, there are heroes with indomitable hearts, like the great Saints of old: Tarsicius, Sebastian, and Campion; and a boy hero not unlike the early Christians in the Coliseum. Written for children or young adults but enjoyed by young and old alike, this intriguing novel is filled with courageous heroes, cowardly villains, secrets abundant, and even secret passages!


by  Sister M. Imelda Wallace


5 Audio CD’s – 5 Hours and 31 Minutes.


Outlaws of Ravenhurst Audiobook is read by Maria Therese.


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