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Treatise on Purgatory Catholic Audiobook CD Set



Treatise on Purgatory Catholic Audiobook CD Set

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St. Catherine of Genoa (born Caterina Fieschi Adorno) was a saint and mystic admired for her work among the sick and the poor. She was a member of the noble Fieschi family, and spent most of her life and her means serving the sick, especially during the plague which ravaged Genoa in 1497 and 1501.She was known to have deep spiritual experiences, one of them being experiencing physically the torments of Divine fire, giving rise to her great and mystical understanding of the pains of Purgatory and Hell. The divine fire which St. Catherine experienced in herself, made her comprehend the state of souls in Purgatory,.


In Treatise on Purgatory, St. Catherine wrote about the purpose of Purgatory, the unspeakable pain endured by the Poor Souls, and the great hope they  have, in spite of their current suffering, of seeing and spending eternity with God in Heaven. In this volume she attempts to put into words the difference between Hell and Purgatory. It is based on her own physical torments that gave rise to this Divine insight. Her clear and concise words offer the reader hope of one day attaining eternal salvation.


by  St. Catherine of Genoa


1 Audio CD – 40 Minutes.


Treatise on Purgatory Audiobook is read by Ann Boulais.


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