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On Union with God Catholic Audiobook CD Set


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On Union with God Catholic Audiobook CD Set

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“Surely the most deeply-rooted need of the human soul, its purest aspiration, is for the closest possible union with God.” As one reads (or listens to!) the pages of this little work, written by Blessed Albert the Great towards the end of his life, when that great soul had ripened and matured, one feels that here indeed is the ideal of one’s hopes. Simply and clearly the great principles are laid down, the way is made plain which leads to the highest spiritual life.


This title helps one learn how to rid oneself of troubling thoughts and concerns, to clear away outside distractions, and learn to focus on acquiring a continual relationship with God inside one’s soul. In the words of the author: “When thou shalt pray, enter into thy chamber i.e., into the inmost abode of thy heart-and, having shut the door of thy senses, with a pure heart, a free conscience and an unfeigned faith, pray to thy Father in spirit and in truth, in the secret of thy soul”. and “When trouble, discouragement, confusion of mind assail thee, do not lose patience or be cast down. Do not betake thee to vocal prayers or other consolations, but endeavour by an act of the will and reason to lift up thy soul and unite it to God, whether thy sensual nature will or no.”


by Blessed Albert the Great (1193 – 1280), translated by Benedictine of Princethorpe Priory

2 Audio CD’s – 1 Hour and 28 Minutes.

On Union with God is read by David Barnes.


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