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Kindness Catholic Audiobook CD Set



Kindness Catholic Audiobook CD Set

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Father Frederick William Faber was a beloved spiritual writer, preacher, and superior of the Oratory of St. Philip Neri in London. During the 1850s, Father Faber published several popular spiritual books, which have been treasured by Catholics ever since , including this present work, Kindness.


In this charity-building work, Fr. Faber states that kindness has the “power of making the world happy, or at least of so greatly diminishing the amount of unhappiness in it as to make it quite a different world from what it is at present.”  Chapters include: Kindness in General, Kind Thoughts, Kind Words, and Kind Actions.


by Frederick William Faber


Nihil Obstat – Gulielmus Canonicus Gildea S.T.D. – Censor Deputatus
Imprimatur – +Herbertus Cardinalis Vaughan, Archbishop of Westmonast


3 Audio CD’s – 2 Hours and 40 Minutes.


Kindness is read by Dave7


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