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Pollyanna Grows Up Audiobook CD Set


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Pollyanna Grows Up Audiobook CD Set

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Now cured from her spinal injury, Pollyanna shares the “Glad Game” with new friends in Boston. It seems she may not be able to touch the heart of one new friend, however. The bitter and depressed Mrs. Ruth Carew, who Pollyanna goes to live with for the winter while her Aunt Polly and Dr. Chilton travel to Europe, seems beyond the charms of Pollyanna’s ways. Will Pollyanna be able to reach her, and bring back joy to Ruth’s heart?


There are other new friends in Boston, as well: Della the nurse, Sadie, and the crippled orphan Jamie. As always, our heroine has a knack for touching hearts and making friends. But, growing up brings sorrows as well as joys. Pollyanna must face hard times when she returns home to her Aunt Polly; Dr. Chilton, her uncle, has died and Aunt Polly struggles with the burden of trying to make ends meet. Even Pollyanna seems to have a hard time maintaining her usual cheerful outlook. As there is with most growing up stories, this tale includes romance. With three prospective suitors, Pollyanna has a hard choice to make. As one would expect with the girl who epitomizes happiness in every circumstance, the book ends with lots of happy endings.


by Eleanor H. Porter

8 Audio CD’s – 8 Hours and 48 Minutes.

Pollyanna Grows Up is read by Mary Anderson.


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