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Pollyanna Audiobook CD Set


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6 Audio CD’s – 6 Hours and 44 Minutes.

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Pollyanna Audiobook CD Set

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Pollyanna is the beloved classic tale of Pollyanna Whittier, a young orphaned girl who goes to live with her wealthy Aunt Polly after her father’s death. Pollyanna’s philosophy of life centers around what she calls “The Glad Game”, taught to her by her father: she always tries to find something to be glad about in every situation, and to always do without delay whatever she thinks is right. With this philosophy, and her unfailingly cheerful personality, she brings so much gladness to her aunt’s dispirited New England town that she transforms it into a pleasant, joyful place to live. When she tragically loses the use of her legs in an accident, even Pollyanna’s robust optimism is put to the test. She becomes isolated and depressed, believing that she has lost her innate happiness. The townspeople, so touched by her influence in their lives, rally to cheer her, and help bring her back to her sunny disposition.


by Eleanor H. Porter

6 Audio CD’s – 6 Hours and 44 Minutes.

Read by Mary Anderson.


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