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Lord of the World Catholic Audiobook CD Set



Lord of the World Catholic Audiobook CD Set

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A 1907 novel by prolific Catholic author Msgr. Robert Hugh Benson, Lord of the World, centers on: the reign of the Anti-Christ, who will tempt Christians to apostasy before Christ’s Second Coming; the final battle in the supernatural war for souls; and the End of the World. Deeply profound and seen by many a modern day theologian (including the last two popes) as prophetic for our times, the book is heralded as a must read. Before creating his fictional account, Msgr. Benson carefully explored the various passages on the end times included in Scripture and the teachings of the Church Fathers as background for this tale of the Antichrist, lending a level of authenticity to the story rarely seen in endtime fictional works. The storyline of the book is eerily familiar to our times today, giving one pause for thought. However,  we must always remember that in the end the true Lord of the World will triumph!


by Robert Hugh Benson


9 Audio CD’s – 10 Hours and 17 Minutes!


Lord of the World Audiobook is read by Multiple Readers


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