King of the Golden City Audiobook CD Set, The



The King of the Golden City Audiobook CD Set

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The charming allegory King of the Golden City will bring to the heart of the child a deep love for Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament and an understanding of the bountiful graces received in Holy Communion. We follow with delight the little Dilecta in her meetings with The King; her struggles against the evil influence of Malignus and against Self, in which she is so ably helped by the Prince Guardian; and the hut in which she lived and where The King so often and so graciously visited her she journeys– right into His Golden City. The book was originally written for a young child who asked Mother Loyola what she must do to prepare for her First Holy Communion. The child asked for a story with hidden messages. The resulting allegory is one of Mother Mary Loyola’s most read works, and a favorite of readers of all ages. Our children ask for this book again and again!


by Mother Mary Loyola


2 Audio CDs – 1 Hour and 58 Minutes.


The  King of the Golden City Audiobook is read by Maria Therese.


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